Know a Little More About The Real Estate Law Singapore

Law- A word which is divergent no matter which country you take. Every other country has their own set of laws and they are compelled to work on the same. As far as we take Singapore into consideration, the real estate law in Singapore has always been into full force and people of Singapore must abide by the law if they are looking to deal on any of the real estate properties, as simple as that.

However, whole framework of house renting as well as buying runs on a contract basis but there is much more to this story, which is explained as follows:

Real Estate Law Singapore Norms

Rent: Can the tenant and the landlord freely agree on the rents in Singapore?

As far as the rents are considered, they are freely negotiated since the year 2001 when the passage of control of rent act was passed. For the poor, a special subsidised rent is given to provide them shelter and a great source of living.


For the tenants, they have to pay a month’s rent as their security deposit, for every other year, if they lease the real estate property. However, after the completion of the period, the security deposit will be returned to the tenant without any interest.

In rare cases, the landlords of Singapore might ask for three months rent as deposit in case you are leasing for two years. An additional advance month rental is also required in few cases as per Singapore’s real estate law.

How effective is the Singapore Legal System?

In case of any dispute between the landlord and the tenants, their issues are resolved by the alternative dispute resolution which usually means some big groups such as the Consumer Association of Singapore (CASE) and the Singapore Mediation Center (SMC). For consumers who can wait for a longer period, they can engage property lawyers and go through formal court proceedings as an integral part of such disputes.

Types of Property in Singapore

In Singapore, properties are divided into two major categories which are given as follows:

  1. Freehold Estates
  2. Leasehold Estates

Freehold Estate

  • Free Simple Estates

A freehold estate usually comprises of two major categories, namely free simple and the life estate. In free simple, the owner owns the property and there is no need to pay any rent for such property. Upon the owner’s death, the property will pass on to its successors and they altogether will be the new owners of that property.

  • Life Estate

In case of the life estate, the ownership is conferred for the exact duration of the person’s lifetime. When the person dies, individuals will have to follow certain legal procedures to get withhold of such property.

Leasehold estates

For leasehold estates, it is granted in terms of 99-year leases or even 999 leases. In this, the land belongs to the state of Singapore which can lease the property and can collect payments after the lease operation.

Final Words

If you are the one who lives in Singapore, you will certainly have to abide by the real estate law Singapore with utmost clarity and free will. Last but not least, whether you are a tenant or a landlord, the above information will surely help you a lot in accomplishing your goal to the different real estate related metrics with sheer confidence and satisfaction.