singapore pr application

To get a permanent residence in Singapore, foreigners need to follow specific rules and regulations. It may seem easier at first glance to apply for Singapore Permanent Residence. However, the basic requirements that need to meet in the total list given by the Immigration and Checkpoint Authority itself are very complex. It is an arduous process to apply for a Singapore PR and it needs to be taken seriously and meticulously done. You would be in better hands if you are able to avail the services of a professional visa processing agency. You can get value added services and the best consultation available in Singapore for your needs and seamlessly get the PR approved with help from our expert consultants.


There are 4 basic categories available for Permanent Residence application.

1.     A foreigner who currently works in Singapore and has a P, Q or S pass, i.e. Personalized Employment Pass, Employment Pass, S Pass or Entre Pass. it is also called PTS scheme (Professional, Technical personnel, and Skilled workers scheme)
2.     Entrepreneurs or Foreign investors who can invest over 2.5 million dollars in Singapore. It is also called GIP Scheme (Global Investor program)
3.     If you are a foreign spouse legally married to a Singapore citizen, unmarried children below 21 years of age or if you are an aged parent of a permanent resident.
4.     4 Foreign Artistic Talent scheme also called as ForArts

Criteria for PTS scheme

While applying, you need to adhere to this criteria. Applying may be easy but it does not mean that your PR application will be approved. There are no specific rules in which the foreign employees in Singapore can increase their chances of getting a successful Permanent Resident application. However, from our experience, the following are guidelines that can be extrapolated.

● Chances are better when you live and work in Singapore for a longer period of time
● There is a high probability of approval for applicants who possess higher educational qualifications such as PhD
● A person who is in a highly skilled profession has better chances of approval
● Having a good track record of work in the company which you have worked for. Working long periods in a company also helps
● Any proof or supporting documentation which can showcase your contribution to the community of Singapore and the society as a whole
● You need to show an interest in the culture and Singaporean languages and the same needs to be displayed to the authorities.
● If you have a family of your own living in Singapore, that can increase your chances of PR approval. In the application, you need to disclose the details of any family relatives who are PR’s or citizens living and working in Singapore.
● You need to prove your financial well being by submitting 6-month salary slip. This is to show that you have the ability to support yourself and your family
●  You have to provide references who are working in Singapore that you are a law-abiding person and you are committed to the well-being of the society of Singapore.

These guidelines will help you in identifying where your chances stand currently and you can work towards fulfilling this criterion. There is a very high chance that if you are able to meet all the criteria, you will be successful in obtaining the revered permanent residence status.

Criteria for Global Investor program

This was mentioned on our immigration law page. An investor willing to have Singaporean PR needs to have the following:-

● He needs to have a solid business with profitability track record
● He needs to have a successful background in Entrepreneurship

After this criteria, the business person needs to invest money. There are two options in which it can be done:
● Investment of 2.5 Million Singaporean dollars in new businesses or opening of a new office for existing business operation in Singapore.
● In this case, 5 years projected plan for businesses, along with the total number of employment that can be created and the financial projections need to be clearly mentioned with supporting documents. Please note that the milestones stated in the document need to be mandatorily fulfilled by the end of the 5th year.
● The investments can be made in a wide range of industries such as aerospace, mechanical, financial services, sports based business etc
● Investment of 2.5 Million Singaporean dollars in GIP approved funds that invest in Singaporean companies.
In this type, the authorities examine the application for a track record of profitable business for a period of three years and the financial statements for the same.
● The turnover of the applicant’s company has to be at least 50 million dollars for three years at the time of application
● If the company is privately held, the applicant needs to have at least 30% of the ownership of the company at the time of application

Criteria for ForArts applicants

ForArts scheme is introduced in 1991 to recognize the artistic contribution of talented individuals in arts and music. It is jointly administered by National Arts Council and Immigration and Checkpoints Authority of Singapore. The following criteria need to be met for the ForArts applicants

● The applicant need to have relevant education or training along with professional experience in their specific field of expertise
● The applicant need to have achieved an outstanding achievement in the fields of visual arts, performing arts, literary arts, media and design
● The applicant need to have given significant contribution to the arts and cultural scene of Singapore
● The applicant needs to have excellent contribution and strong track record in leadership at local engagement activities
● He/she need to have solid future plans to be involved in the arts and cultural sector of Singapore

How to Apply?

There are different types of forms that need to be completed by you to submit the application. You also need to submit the supporting documents along with your application. We reiterate that this can be a painstaking process, so it’s best left to experienced consultants.

Approval process

The approval process typically takes 4 to 6 months for the process. After receiving the approval letter, you need to visit the ICA to avail the Permanent Residence cards.