Are you familiar with the entire legal process you need to follow in order to get your inheritance? If not, don’t worry because our list of Singapore law firm specialising in both these services can be found below. In case you are in doubt over whether you need to engage a conveyancing expert or not, here is a breakdown of what is required of you and some reasons why it might be harder than you may think but right now, here’s the gist of it. You probably already know that you cannot just simply walk into a financial institution and demand to be given control over the deceased’s monies or put their real estate properties in your name. Even with the best conveyancing lawyer by your side, it takes some time and a ton of paperwork unless HDB is involved, which may or may not be a pretty straightforward case.

 Terms You Need to Know For Property Law

Who can apply for a grant of probate?

If the deceased left behind a will, only the executors named in that will can apply for a grant of probate. Supposing no will is left behind then a next of kin will be required to apply for letters of administration and be appointed as an administrator. Only after successful application of these documents can the executor and administrators take control of the assets left behind be the deceased and carry out the requirements of the will.

What a lawyer specialising in property and conveyancing does for a living…

As aforementioned, there is a pretty lengthy process and lots of paperwork in between before you can lay hands on your rightful inheritance and that is where the conveyancing and property lawyer comes in. These attorneys help executors named by the will or the administrators to be to obtain grant of probate and letters of administration respectively so as to collect assets of the deceased and distribute them to the beneficiaries. The best legal teams specialising in this kind of work are your best shot at getting what is yours in a shorter time and with less hassle while minimising costs.

What are the costs of engaging a conveyancing or property lawyer?

In general, most firms will charged fees that are priced fairly to meet every client’s budget. What you need to look out for here is a reasonable pricing and not the cheapest rate you can find in Singapore. Most of all, all costs and probate fixed fee packages should be clear and transparent with a breakdown of the individual costs so that you can easily tell what you are paying for.

Of course, the best conveyancing lawyer option is not synonymous with the cheapest one you can find. It’s preferable to engage a reputable lawyer who will handle everything professionally and with great efficacy to save you time and money as well as too much worry and anxiety.  Someone that will communicate all matters with you in the simplest and easiest way so that you understand the terms without all the legal jargon. It is worth mentioning though that, in most real estate cases especially those involving HDB, it is less complicated, so no harm going with the one charging lesser fees.